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A curated set for bakers who value quality ingredients and legacy Bakeware.
  • French Porcelain Pie Dish (Navy Rim)
  • 1 1.8-ounce jar Burlap & Barrel Royal Cinnamon
  • 1 0.8-ounce jar Burlap & Barrel Stone Nutmeg
  • 1 1.8-ounce jar Burlap & Barrel Buffalo Ginger
ColorNavy Rim

Unlike metal tins, our hand decorated French Porcelain Pie Dish heightens the elegance of freshly crimped and latticed pies. Sometimes called “china,” porcelain is one of the most difficult types of ceramic to produce. Ours is crafted from a recipe that’s over 200 years old, and its naturally non stick surface is resistant to chips, stains, and scratches. Plus, it’s durable enough to go from freezer to oven without cracking, yielding the flakiest pie crusts.

Along with our Pie Dish, this set also includes a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, complete with three spices from Burlap & Barrel. Royal Cinnamon is sun dried for an intense sweetness, while whole Stone Nutmeg yields a tropical richness when grated fresh. To round out the flavors, Buffalo Ginger adds a warm, floral kick to the rich custard.

Two Centuries of Craftsmanship
See why the world's finest Bakeware hails from central France
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To me, Made In Bakeware speaks food that is friendly, accessible, not precious, and ultimately food that you want to share. Not food that is overly complicated or overly decorated.

Nancy Silverton

Chef of Mozza, Co-Owner of Mozza Restaurant Group
Los Angeles, CA
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Even if you’re not a professional chef, having that equipment immediately makes you better. It makes cooking so much easier.

Grant Achatz

Chef of Alinea, Owner of Alinea Group
Chicago, IL
Grant achatz at alinea
We completely fitted the restaurant with Made In equipment and it is just killing it, we haven’t dented a piece, lost a piece, lost a handle yet.

Tom Colicchio

Founder of Crafted Hospitality
New York, NY
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